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About Us

Since 2002, Ozgur Yenilmez has managed and implemented architectural and interior design projects. His expertise spans through the corporate field and extends to the social and research field such as hotels, residences, restaurants, villas and university buildings. Ozgur Yenilmez has since grown in leaps and bounds home and abroad. As a result of its impeccable standards since branching off from the faculty of interior architecture, Ozgur Yenilmez founded Bryan& Partners. Bryan& Partners was formed to continue Ozgur Yenilmez’s tradition of executing high-quality projects within and outside the country.

Its team of experts draws from their experience in both indigenous and global projects; causing Bryan& Partners’s projects to be tailored to respect humans and not jeopardized the balance of nature. Projects are suited to clients’ specified demands as regards use and living. The authenticity of design is guaranteed by Bryan& Partners’s use of contemporary technology and materials in ensuring that building is replicated to detail of the original design.


Our values, architectural design and implementation in harmony with every knowledge and experience we have garnered since inception, ensures all the project we undertake regards humanity and nature. Our designs are modern and in touch with global changes and advancement, and mixes what is graphic with what is practical. Our client and user satisfaction are of utmost importance; all our business transactions are structured to please the client and add value to the environment.


Client Satisfaction: To ensure that our clients have access to the best living standards in the most secure and healthy environmental conditions that exist to deliver a quality project that would satisfy clients’ needs and aspirations.

Respect for the Environment: Working within the scope of the law in terms of regards to nature and improving environmental conditions. Our long term goal is to ensure the optimal use of resources and reduce waste, in the short and long term we are adopting measures in support of recycling.

Team Spirit: Every team member matters, we ensure that every team member knows how important they are. Our projects mirror the incredible work and organisation of team members. Our business is built on trust and mutual respect with our business partners giving us the leverage to create long-term collaborations with them.

Innovation: We aspire for the best results at all times. To achieve this, we scrutinise every detail of our projects, finished or in development, and ensure that novel solution that does not go against international standards and are in line with new technological advancements are adopted.

Sustainability: We create quality, fulfilling environments that are comfortable and durable without regular need for maintenance. Our aim to leave a better environment to the next generation ensures that we use resources that do not jeopardize nature to undertake projects that are beneficial to the environment.

Excellence: The adoption of modern technologies in the development of our projects. Without compromising on time and exceeding budgets, we implement designs in the best possible way, taking into consideration relevant measures, criteria and work plan. We ensure that our projects are the standard.

Quality Policy

Fulfilling the aspiration and satisfaction of our clients is at the core of our services. We ensure that in fulfilling the needs of our clients, we are aligned with international quality control standards. Our projects are developed in line with the appropriate ethics, technical conditions and building methods of architecture and engineering. Quality is important to us; we adapt recent innovations and advances in our field and constantly upgrade our project designs to new standards without watering down the quality of the project. Nature and the environment is of utmost significance to us; we innovate and implement new ways to shield and benefit it. Every project matters to us, we ensure that the most qualified of our workforce handles every stage of our projects, ensuring that even the tiniest of details is done to precision.